#What do we do? The Biology Graduate Students Association is our Biology student association under the Post-Graduate Student Society. We organize both social events (such as BBQs, social nights at Thomson House and Holiday events) and academic events (such as orientations, symposia and workshops). Check out our Constitution for more detailed information.

#Who is a part of BGSA? All graduate students and post-docs within Biology are members of the BGSA. Each student and post-doc pays a fee to PGSS that then goes to BGSA. In September, we vote on how we spend your money to organize various academic and social events.

#Join us at our BGSA events Stay informed about our events by checking out the BGSA blog page, subscribe to our calendars, or make sure you are on our ListServ! Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas for events!

#Use our BGSA ListServ! The BGSA ListServ is a mailing list to all BGSA members, or anyone who asks to be on the list. All new students are added to the BGSA ListServ. It’s used by BGSA council to inform all members of upcoming events and issues related to BGSA.

How to get on the ListServ: e-mail our ListServ administrator rahul.rote@mail.mcgill.ca

How to use the ListServ: send out an e-mail to BGSA@LISTS.MCGILL.CA

What to use it for: BGSA academic or social events, issues/events of interest to BGSA members, looking for lab equipment or other research related discussions.

DO NOT use it for: advertising apartments and items, non-BGSA related things (for this please use our BGSAjiji)

#Follow us on social media!

Facebook: request to be added to our McGill BGSA Facebook group

Twitter: follow us @McGillBGSA

Instagram: mcgillbgsa